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  Digital Ink  

SPGPrints' inks guarantee unattended printing without nozzle blockages or print head failures. Runnability and colour gamut are key. SPGPrints inks are available in four chemistries: Reactive inks, Acid inks, Disperse inks and Sublimation inks.

Digital inks for all major industrial printheads and fabrics

Besides the inks for PIKE and JAVELIN, we produce inks for all industrial print heads and fabrics. For digital printers, equipped with Kyocera print heads, we offer our NEBULA and QUASAR digital inks range. For Epson print heads there is the FLARE digital inks collection.

Technical Specification of our digital ink:

  • 20% more color density
  • Print existing designs with more intensity
  • Match existing prints using less inks
  • Deepest Black in the industry
  • Improved runnability ensures non-interrupted production cycles
  • Reduced production costs provides competitive pricing
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