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SPGPrints is a global leading company in the textile and graphics printing market located in the Netherlands. SPGPrints providing total system solution from screens, Lacquers, inks and digital engraving to a broad range of Rotary screen and digital printing systems. Though continuous innovation and a powerful distribution network SPGPrints adds significant value to its customer’s processes and products. They offer the most high tech. and cost effective products and services. We represented SPGPrints more than a decade. Their offerable product range as under.

Rotary Screens of full range for printing.
Rotary Screens for coating.
Random Mesh screens.
Lacquers and chemicals for Engraving.
State of the art rotary Printing machine Stork RD VI Gold, Stork; Pegasus Evo.
Laser Engraving technology.
Spare parts and services for Existing machines.

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Rotary Printing Machine RD8


About SPGPrints


Laser Exposer- Smart LEX & Laser Engraver

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