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Epygen Labs
Industrial Block D21 – D22, Dubiotech Park, PO Box 485018, Dubai, U.A.E
  EPYGEN LABS is an internationally oriented U.S.A, India and Dubai group of company is licensed in DuBiotech, Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park. One of the world famous Enzyme manufacturing plant produces different types of Enzymes for different fields. Distributed the Enzyme to the different countries in the world including Australia, China, USA and ASIA.  
  EPYGEN produces, taking the Protein lab to the Process floor; Epygen develops Enzyme applications for Industries, Home care, Health care, textile, leather and Agriculture. Enzymes are Bio catalyst, biologically active which catalyze (Accelerate) chemical reaction on a fast tract under mild conditions. EPYGEN Enzymes are bio-degradable, Protein in nature and 100% environment friendly. EPYGEN Enzymes are produced by fermentation of non-pathogenic fungi. EPYGEN is our partners for the last 3 years.  
  Basically Textile Enzymes are-------  
  A. Mill Enzyme  
  B. Garments Processing Enzyme  
  A. Mill Enzymes are mainly used for fabric bio-polishing to make fabric more soft, clean, polish, ready for dye, during wet processing of fabric. Mill Enzymes are as follows:  
  i) Bio Polishing.( Acid / Neutral):
ii) Scouring.
iii) Catalase (REM per oxide)/ Amyllase:
  B. Garments washing Enzymes are as follows:  
  I) Neutral powder enzyme (for Denim):
ii) Acid Liquid enzyme (For Denim and non-denim) :
iii) Laccase (Hypochloride bleaching For Denim):
iv) Bio-polishing enzyme (For Denim and non-denim):
  EpyGen Products are :  
( a) Bio-Polishing Enzymes : Retrocell-PLX & Retrocell-PLEco
( b) De-Sizing Enzymes : Retro-STAR
( c ) Garments stone washing Enzymes : Retrocell-EcoSS , Retrocell-RecoP & Retro LAC PT.
( d) Garments Bio-Polishing Enzymes : Retrocell-PLEX , Retrocell-EcoLL
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