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Shanghai RUCO CHEM+ Bio-tech Ltd.
Songjiang High tech Zone, Shanghai, China
RUCO CHEM located in the China Becoming international professional manufacture enterprise for Silicone, Wax emulsion and new materials.RUCO CHEM Becoming “Little giant company of technology and science”. Becoming leader in the area of chemical industry. RUCO CHEM main Business is Textile chemical such as pretreatment auxiliary, dyeing auxiliary, finishing auxiliary basing on silicone and wax, and so on functional auxiliary. RUCO CHEM has Competitive Force of technology. R&D team comprised of doctors and masters possessing many years professional experience. RUCO CHEM in our partners for the last 3 years. RUCO CHEM produce and offers the complete range of auxiliaries to textile processing.
  Products are as follows---  
Rucosil --- 1. Micro emulsion silicon softener (Rucosil Aquasoft AS-2000E/ BS-2060E etc)
  2. Block Amino Silicon softener (Rucosil Aquasoft S10)
  3. Nano Silicon softener (Rucosil Aquasoft N30)
  4. Raising agent (Rucosil 278)
Rodye--- 1. Rubbing fastness Improver( Rucofix RW)
  2. Anti-creasing agent (Rodye JET)
Ruco wax --- 1. Yarn Lubricant agent ( Ruco wax Emulsion 6815+/6820+etc.)
  2. Yarn Lubricant agent ( Ruco wax Emulsion SSA)
  Market : China (East, South and North), India, Bangladesh, Brazil, Turkey etc  
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