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Benevolent Textile Services (BTS) is an international trading company located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Specialist in textile printing. Facilitate technical and technological partnerships between customers in Bangladesh and across the world. Company started in 1998 but officially started activities in 2001.
BTS is run by an experienced leadership team with 13 years of successful trades and services to customers.BTS provide its customers with unparalleled technical and technological support.
Provides access to a network of about 200 customers. We offer a range of printing screens, chemicals, thickeners and specialty auxiliaries for textile printing. Because of our high performance products and professional service, BTS has established itself as one of the renowned trading company, especially in the textile printing sector in Bangladesh.

Benevolent Textile Services (BTS) was incorporated in Bangladesh in 1998.
The company has been actively trading internationally representing a number of overseas companies in Bangladesh.
14+ years of experience in selling textile machinery, equipment and raw materials.
The company consists of 5 textile engineers and 4 marketing executives, totaling to a number of 20 employees.
The turnover of the company varies between 5-6 million US Dollars per year with an increasing trend.
  Ashraful Alam (Founder & President)
Textile Engineer, B.Sc in Textile technology (Bangladesh University of Textiles)
Diplomas in international marketing and management.
  Alamgir Rahman (CEO)  
  Fahim R. Chowdhury (VP)  
  Khaled Parvez Hasan (VP)
B.Sc in Textile tech.
  Md. Rakibul Islam
B.Sc in Textile Engg.
  Md. Riaj Morshed
B.Sc in Textile Engg.
  Md. Didarul Hoque
B.Sc in Textile Engg.
  Company Hierarchy  
  Overseas Partners  
  We are very proud to have our following partners who have specialized in high performance products in their respective fields :  
  SPGPrints B.V. – The Netherlands  
  Agrana Starke GMBH – Austria  
  Polygal AG – Switzerland  
  Sekisui America LLC-– USA  
  Alta Chemicals srl – Italy  
  Chemical Village – Thailand  
  Epygen Labs LLC – UAE  
  Ruco Chem – China  
  Colorant Ltd. – India  
  Fineotex Chemical Ltd. – India  
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