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  Rotary Printing & Pre-printong Macheninery  

Rotary Screen Textile Printing Equipment

For high-quality and reliable printing

The right rotary print system for every print job

SPGPrints provides high-quality solutions that allow textile printers everywhere to increase efficiency, boost productivity and raise profitability. Our product portfolio contains innovative, reliable systems to suit all levels of investment. We offer everything from complete installations of new printing lines to upgrades of existing equipment.


Rotary Screen Printing System with exceptional reliability

Exceptional reliability

The RD8 is a rotary screen printing system that distinguishes itself by its exceptional reliability. Specially designed for a durable and dependable lifespan, it is ideal for high-volume operations where quantity is a priority, with no compromises on quality.

Completely compatible with the demands of modern printing processes, it enables simple and rapid changeovers (to other designs / colourways), consistent operations and excellent reproducibility.


Model (Width) 1280, 1620, 1850 and 2250 mm

Number of colours Up to 16

Speed Up to 80m/min

In-feed Knits / Woven

Printing Heads Closed, lifetime-lubricated bearing

Repeat possibility 640 – 819 – 914 – 1018 mm

Drier DDVI with 2, 3, 4 sections

Pre-print Equipment for Textile Printing

The easiest way to produce high-quality screens

State of the art Laser Engraving and Laser Exposing technology

SPGPrints' engraving technology has been the undisputed leader in the textile industry for over 30 years, offering a fast, efficient, high-quality and eco-friendly approach to imaging.

Laser Engraving technology

Over the last 30 years, SPGPrints has developed and delivered over 400 Direct Laser Engraving machines in the global textile printing market.

Direct Laser Engraving is a single step dry process – simply engrave your coated screen with your desired design and print. It eliminates costly consumables like film or ink, and time-consuming processes like exposing and washing.

Laser Exposing technology

Repeatable, consistent quality, reliability and high productivity - these attributes describe the core competencies of SPGPrints’ Laser Exposing technology.

Laser exposing is the negative imaging of a screen using SPGPrints’ unique direct exposing technology. The entire workflow remains the same as with all other exposing technologies like film or ink-masking. This makes the system especially suitable for customers who already have this wet process but who want to improve their quality or output.

Conventional pre-print equipment

In order to achieve a high-quality printing result, we offer a wide range of high-end conventional Pre-print Equipment such as:

  • coaters
  • polymerisers
  • climatisers
  • homogenous developers
  • gluers
  • light stands
  • unpackers

Efficient, flexible and high-quality CAD software

Our bestIMAGE software makes defining and editing designs simpler than ever. This modular and user-friendly CAD software allows easy and efficient textile design development. Key functions include design, repeating, colour separation, stepping and trapping, colouring, texture mapping as well as simulation, calibration of colours and raster graphs in one integrated software package.

The new software is an “open platform” that is fully compatible with both the ecoLEN, smartLEX and bestLen systems, as well as a host of non-SPGPrints engravers.

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