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  Overseas Partner .....  
AGRANA is an internationally oriented company located at Austria which adds value to produce a wide range of industrial products for the textile processing sector. AGRANA products have become integral elements of modern life. AGRANA is the specialist in the processing and refining of top quality agricultural raw materials such as potatoes, corn, and wheat to create a variety of different highly refined starch products. AGRANA’s aim is to manufacture starch products of highest quality, using state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly methods. Their offerable range of products such as.
Cold water soluble Blanket Gum/Adhesive.
Modified starch for sizing.
Modified starch for Textile finishing.
Thickener for Disperse/polyester Printing.
POLYGAL AG located in Switzerland is the global leader in the research and utilization of vegetable hydrocolloids for various industrial applications. Customer from around the world are supplied from their four production facilities in the vicinity of the most important areas for Raw materials and sales. For more than 50 year, POLYGAL AG has been synonymous with a high standard of Quality and expertise in application technology. POLYGAL AG in our partners for the last 6 years. POLYGAL AG produce and offers the complete range of native thickeners to textile printing such as.
Thickener for Reactive Printing (Sodium Alginate).
Thickener for Disperse Printing.
Thickener for Acid Printing.
Thickener for Camouflage Printing.
Thickener for Discharge Printing.
Thickener for Burnout Printing.
SPGPrints is a global leading company in the textile and graphics printing market located in the Netherlands. SPGPrints providing total system solution from screens, Lacquers, inks and digital engraving to a broad range of Rotary screen and digital printing systems. Though continuous innovation and a powerful distribution network SPGPrints adds significant value to its customer’s processes and products. They offer the most high tech. and cost effective products and services. We represented SPGPrints more than a decade. Their offerable product range as under.
Rotary Screens of full range for printing.
Rotary Screens for coating.
Random Mesh screens.
Lacquers and chemicals for Engraving.
State of the art rotary Printing machine Stork RD VI Gold, Stork; Pegasus Evo.
Laser Engraving technology.
Spare parts and services for Existing machines.
Epygen Labs
Industrial Block D21 – D22, Dubiotech Park, PO Box 485018, Dubai, U.A.E
  EPYGEN LABS is an internationally oriented U.S.A, India and Dubai group of company is licensed in DuBiotech, Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park. One of the world famous Enzyme manufacturing plant produces different types of Enzymes for different fields. Distributed the Enzyme to the different countries in the world including Australia, China, USA and ASIA.  
  EPYGEN produces, taking the Protein lab to the Process floor; Epygen develops Enzyme applications for Industries, Home care, Health care, textile, leather and Agriculture. Enzymes are Bio catalyst, biologically active which catalyze (Accelerate) chemical reaction on a fast tract under mild conditions. EPYGEN Enzymes are bio-degradable, Protein in nature and 100% environment friendly. EPYGEN Enzymes are produced by fermentation of non-pathogenic fungi. EPYGEN is our partners for the last 3 years.  
  Basically Textile Enzymes are-------  
  A. Mill Enzyme  
  B. Garments Processing Enzyme  
  A. Mill Enzymes are mainly used for fabric bio-polishing to make fabric more soft, clean, polish, ready for dye, during wet processing of fabric. Mill Enzymes are as follows:  
  i) Bio Polishing.( Acid / Neutral):
ii) Scouring.
iii) Catalase (REM per oxide)/ Amyllase:
  B. Garments washing Enzymes are as follows:  
  I) Neutral powder enzyme (for Denim):
ii) Acid Liquid enzyme (For Denim and non-denim) :
iii) Laccase (Hypochloride bleaching For Denim):
iv) Bio-polishing enzyme (For Denim and non-denim):
  EpyGen Products are :  
( a) Bio-Polishing Enzymes : Retrocell-PLX & Retrocell-PLEco
( b) De-Sizing Enzymes : Retro-STAR
( c ) Garments stone washing Enzymes : Retrocell-EcoSS , Retrocell-RecoP & Retro LAC PT.
( d) Garments Bio-Polishing Enzymes : Retrocell-PLEX , Retrocell-EcoLL
Shanghai RUCO CHEM+ Bio-tech Ltd.
Songjiang High tech Zone, Shanghai, China
RUCO CHEM located in the China Becoming international professional manufacture enterprise for Silicone, Wax emulsion and new materials.RUCO CHEM Becoming “Little giant company of technology and science”. Becoming leader in the area of chemical industry. RUCO CHEM main Business is Textile chemical such as pretreatment auxiliary, dyeing auxiliary, finishing auxiliary basing on silicone and wax, and so on functional auxiliary. RUCO CHEM has Competitive Force of technology. R&D team comprised of doctors and masters possessing many years professional experience. RUCO CHEM in our partners for the last 3 years. RUCO CHEM produce and offers the complete range of auxiliaries to textile processing.
  Products are as follows---  
Rucosil --- 1. Micro emulsion silicon softener (Rucosil Aquasoft AS-2000E/ BS-2060E etc)
  2. Block Amino Silicon softener (Rucosil Aquasoft S10)
  3. Nano Silicon softener (Rucosil Aquasoft N30)
  4. Raising agent (Rucosil 278)
Rodye--- 1. Rubbing fastness Improver( Rucofix RW)
  2. Anti-creasing agent (Rodye JET)
Ruco wax --- 1. Yarn Lubricant agent ( Ruco wax Emulsion 6815+/6820+etc.)
  2. Yarn Lubricant agent ( Ruco wax Emulsion SSA)
  Market : China (East, South and North), India, Bangladesh, Brazil, Turkey etc  
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