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The complete solution for Rotary Screen Endring & Screen Striping

Wenk is a firm specialized in manufacturing aluminium rotary rotary screen endring and textile screen striping machine.

It is our duty to guarantee constant and precise measures within the original standards in order to ensure a perfect printing and an easy assembly carried out by rotary screen engravers.

Wenk full range of endring consists of more than 30 models in various repeats, from 518mm to 1200mm, for all types of rotary screen printing machines.

Wenk: Quality & reliability

Since we know that the application of even one faulty endring could jeopardize the printing results, we believe that the quality of the product must be very important.

Therefore, our production is based on the use of high quality aluminium alloy and a turning carried out by CNC Tooding machines.

Each endring is then checked with advanced controls in order to ensure perfect use.

This painstaking manufacturing enables us to supply our customers with flawless product.

Innovation in Rotary Screen Stripping

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